EU presidency event

We are proud to announce that the European Mentoring Summit was an official event during the Netherlands Presidency 2016 in the European Union. For this reason, the Summit used the official logo of the presidency period.

European media attention for the Summit

Take a look at the following European websites that payed special attention to the European Mentoring Summit, such as New Europe and Insight Europe.

Mentoring Summit-2860

Why part of the Presidency period?

The Netherlands aims at a Union that focuses on the essentials, creates growth and jobs through innovation, and connects with civil society. More information about the presidency period through this link.
The Summit was part of the 'Knowledge and Innovation Calender' of the presidency period.
This recognition is due to:
* the special character of the European Summit
* the links to the policy agenda of the Presidency period
* the special recognition for the importance of mentoring for youth

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